Dr Renee Beale

  • renee@freeradical.org.au
  • University of Melbourne
  • Position


    Community Awareness Programme Manager for the ARC Centre of Excellence for Free Radical Chemistry and Biotechnology.



    • Staff positions in Science Communication (2004, 2008) Faculty of Science, the University of Melbourne.
    • Postdoctoral studies (2005 - 2008) School of Biological Sciences, Monash University.
    • PhD (2006) Department of Genetics, the University of Melbourne.



    • Science Communication,
    • Media liaison,
    • Science Education,
    • Event Management.


    Key Areas of Contribution


    • Communication of the Centre’s scientific discoveries to the general public through media releases, public addresses, and stories in magazines and other popular media, newsletters, and web sites.
    • Education of the broader community relating to free radicals and chemistry through the organisation of events and lectures.
    • Management of the Centre web site, in conjunction with the Centre Administration Manager.
    • Fostering the Centre’s linkage with industry, government and other science education bodies.


    Selected Publications


    Davies, M. and Smart (Beale), R. Green with heart disease. Australasian Science, October, 2009, 20 - 21.


    Sandala, G. and Smart (Beale), R. Using computers to unlock nature’s secrets. Science Education News, Vol 58(1), 2009, 40 - 41.