Dr Phil Barker

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    Technology Leader, Polymer Science at BlueScope Steel Research, Port Kembla, New South Wales.



    • Research/ industry positions in London, Canberra, Dhahran (Saudi Arabia), Karlsruhe and Melbourne.
    • PhD (1978) University of Aston U.K. working with Dr Derryck Munday.



    • Chemistry of surface coating degradation.
    • Free radical mechanistic chemistry.
    • Semiconductor photocatalysis.


    Key Areas of Research


    • Sunscreen damage to paint and surface coatings, such as Colorbond®.
    • Strategies for moderating or eliminating photocatalusis and monitoring photocatalytic activity.
    • EPR methods for studying photocatalysts.
    • Mechanistic models for the macroscopic performance of surface coatings.


    Selected Publications


    Barker and Branch, Progress in Organic Coatings, 2008, 62, 313.